Prayer Triplets 

Introducing Prayer Triplets

June 2018

What is a prayer triplet?
A prayer triplet is, much as the name suggests, a group of three people who commit to praying together. A triplet consists of three individuals (of the same sex and preferably not all from the same family) who meet on a regular basis to spend time praying for each other, for the church and for Great Yarmouth

Why should we develop them at Park?
Firstly this is about developing our relationship with Jesus. In our Church Purpose Statement, we recognise that one of our primary responsibilities is to “help each other as a church family to become more like Jesus.” None of us has mastered prayer, and it remains something many of us struggle with. Prayer meetings continue to be poorly attended and one way of increasing prayer in the church and developing our relationships with God is by committing to praying together. Matthew 18:20 says: “Where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them”

Secondly, this is an opportunity to develop our relationships with each other. Our church vision is to be “a praying community which wholeheartedly loves God, loves each other and loves Great Yarmouth.” We will never become a praying community if we never spend time praying together. Developing prayer triplets recognises the busyness and complexity of modern life that can make multiple, centralised church-wide meetings difficult for everyone to attend. Therefore having the flexibility of finding time when just three people can meet is much easier, and allows for a level of intimacy and vulnerability that many would find difficult to express with a larger group

Why a triplet?
Meeting in couples lacks the accountability that a third person offers the group. It is easy to end up simply chatting or never meeting up when there is only two people, but a third gives strength. Ecclesiastes 4:12 says: “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken”
Similarly, meeting in larger numbers of four or five makes it more difficult to coordinate and on a practical level, and more closely resembles a small house group

How will they work?
  • Having discussed this as a Leadership Team, we recommend that 20 church members are approached and asked to find two other people from a list of everyone else in the church (members and regularly-attending non-members) who they can invite to form a triplet
  • Once each triplet has been formed they will let Peter know the names of the three people so he can ensure everyone is included
  • It is then down to the triplets to organise to pray. We suggest meeting once a month for an
  • hour. A simple format might look like:
15 minutes - Time of praising God in prayer
15 minutes - Discuss personal prayer requests
15 minutes - Pray for each other
15 minutes - Pray for the church and Great Yarmouth
The hope is that these triplets will develop and grow and that this will be a way of connecting new believers into the life of the church and to aid their discipleship. This will mean some rearranging of the triplets over time, and therefore groups with multiple mature Christians will be expected to regroup to accommodate this