Park Baptist Church’s purpose is to support their vision through the mission of taking the love of Jesus out into the community in which we live; we are motivated by the love and example of Jesus’ life

Some examples of the way in which achieve this are:
The Living Room
A new initiative to support Great Yarmouth’s rough sleepers
The Living Room is a pilot project planned for winter 2016 / 2017. It is a collaboration between several local organisations and churches including: ComeUnity, Great Yarmouth Minster, Imagine Norfolk Together, Neighbourhoods that Work, Park Baptist Church, and the Salvation Army. The aim is to provide an inside space for people who would otherwise be out on the streets where they can be warm and safe. Visitors may choose to sleep or just to rest quietly. A very simple hot meal and break­fast will also be provided. The Living Room will run for 1 night a week for up to 12 weeks over the winter
Fur­ther information, how to volunteer, and detailed descriptions can be found when you download here
However, at this time, it is advisable to phone Anna Heydon of Imagine Norfolk Together on: 07471357072
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weekly lunch club for the over 60s

Copy of CAP money course 12-20     CAP money courses to aid those struggling with their finances and showing them how to manage their funds    

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two church members, Pat Hillier and Megan Mynhardt, run an Art and Crafts Club at Chatterteria
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